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Protect your Summer Hair

The weather is heating up and its time to pull out summer fun essentials, are you equipped? Continue reading

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Braids Gone Wild

Braids are no longer for little girls and sister wives…. Continue reading

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Consultation & Communication

Ever had a haircut you just weren’t satisfy with and blamed the stylist? Well my friends I have some tips on getting a great haircut every time. Continue reading

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Turned on Mode:ON [OFF]

Can perfume, nail color or makeup choices REALLY turn a man off?? Continue reading

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stylist dont like dirty hair!

Getting you hair colored? How do you prep your hair? Dirty shouldn’t be an answer! Continue reading

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No More Spreading Rumors

There are many silly things people believe in, especially when it comes to hair. 99.9999% of them are false, completely false! Continue reading

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Blow it good.

I recently splurged on a new toy. Best Blow Ever!

Continue reading

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Hair for the Spring

The stores are filled with mannequins draped in 2012 Spring Fashion, yet the majority are bald or headless. What about their hair?  What about my hair? Lets peak at 2012 hair trends. Continue reading

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“I heard if I…”

When it comes to your precious hair and face, don’t hold true everything you hear. Let me decipher for you what is truth. Continue reading

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