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Recycled Fashion: The 90’s

They say, everything comes back around and that statement is all the more true in fashion. Were you a fan of 90’s gear? Either way, its baaaaaack! Continue reading

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Puppy Love

Dog lovers are everywhere, especially here in Austin. I saw a huge dog ride shot gun in a man’s Mercedes Benz another man had two dogs riding shot guns in his Jeep. Dogs need love too, and there are many ways to love you dog. Continue reading

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Consultation & Communication

Ever had a haircut you just weren’t satisfy with and blamed the stylist? Well my friends I have some tips on getting a great haircut every time. Continue reading

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Nude Ovens

Seems like the current celeb trends is the baby bump. Jessica Simpson bares all for her Elle cover. Although I feel like we have seen this before… Continue reading

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makeup ARTist

Amazing colors and fun looks, Leesha has got some skills and she shares the knowledge! Continue reading

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Turned on Mode:ON [OFF]

Can perfume, nail color or makeup choices REALLY turn a man off?? Continue reading

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