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Nude Ovens

Seems like the current celeb trends is the baby bump. Jessica Simpson bares all for her Elle cover. Although I feel like we have seen this before… Continue reading

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Turned on Mode:ON [OFF]

Can perfume, nail color or makeup choices REALLY turn a man off?? Continue reading

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Why do women show boobies for beads?!

Continue reading

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Eating like Wilma

Heard of the “caveman” diet?  Continue reading

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Rock the ColorBlock

Love seeing so many bright bold colors in the stores this season.

Don’t you love this new trend. Color Blocking?!? Continue reading

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Fit vs Skinny

“Skinny” is quite often a woman’s weight goal. But often you get skinnyfat, and both aren’t  the way to go. Continue reading

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“I heard if I…”

When it comes to your precious hair and face, don’t hold true everything you hear. Let me decipher for you what is truth. Continue reading

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