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stylist dont like dirty hair!

Getting you hair colored? How do you prep your hair? Dirty shouldn’t be an answer! Continue reading

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Be Clean

Would you cook with dirty dishes? NO! Right? Then why do you apply make up with dirty brushes?  Continue reading

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POP! Goes the Eye Shadow

Want your eyeshadow to POP!!! Just-add-water!

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Magic Cream or Magic Dream?

BB CREAM! What is it? Have you tried it? Heard of it? Should you try it? What is this BB cream?

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Hair for the Spring

The stores are filled with mannequins draped in 2012 Spring Fashion, yet the majority are bald or headless. What about their hair?  What about my hair? Lets peak at 2012 hair trends. Continue reading

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Don’t Be Scared

Make up can be removed, so why not try it on? Continue reading

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“I heard if I…”

When it comes to your precious hair and face, don’t hold true everything you hear. Let me decipher for you what is truth. Continue reading

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