Behind the Blog

I am a 25 year old beauty school drop out/salon co-owner/student majoring in business/mommy/make up lover/inner beauty believer! As a child I was my mother’s guinea pig as she mastered her skills in cosmetology school. As a young girl, rocking the attempted wedge haircut that made me look like a boy has more than paid off. I was fortunate to be raised in the beauty industry. I love the culture and the power. Power to make woman feel beautiful, boost their confidence, completed revive them out of a slump and into a “fabulous new you” look. The inspiration behind the blog is simply to talk beauty, have fun with topics of fashion, talk body and hair and make up. Give inspiration to set out of beauty comfort zones and try out some new trends, have fun with beauty and embrace it.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Blog

  1. 1emorgaine says:

    I hope you keep this going after class. This is a great layout, love the pictures, love the questions….this is fun.

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