Consultation & Communication

Ever had a haircut you just weren’t satisfy with and blamed the stylist? Well my friends I have some tips on getting a great haircut every time.I recently got my haircut and although its nice and stylish, it’s not what  I wanted. The stylist did her job but I, as a client did not to mine. Yes, as a client you have a role in your haircut. Consultation and communication. When asked what I  wanted my answer was along the lines of “Do whatever just keep it long and cut the dead ends.”  The result of my haircut was exactly that, and the next day as I was styling I noticed parts of the cut I wasn’t pleased with. I’m sure many of us have been there before. But what if when asked what we wanted, we gave better answers. Maybe you aren’t sure of what you want, but we all know what we don’t want. So I have come up with tips on how to better your consultation, in order to better the results to meet your exact needs.

1.Body>Numbers. Instead of saying of speaking in inches as to how much you want off use your body parts as a clear indicator. 2 inches off might not sound like much but depending on your body proportion it might make a bigger difference. Also pointing out a part of the body to indicate length cant be disputed, the location right below your collarbone will always be the same, or the location of your chin etc.

2.Describe your Rountine. “I play soccer and need my hair to be able to go into a ponytail,” “I don’t blow dry my hair in the morning,” “I flat iron my hair everyday,” “I have to be able to pull my hair behind my ear.” Small details matter and those important daily facts will help your stylist better know what they should and shouldn’t do.

3.Pictures +. Its good to bring in pictures but explain what drew you to the picture. What about the cut/color did you like. What part/piece didn’t you like, “I like how her bangs swooped,” “I like the way her hair lays around her face.” Unless you have the exact face shape and texture as the person in the picture it’s not guaranteed to look the exact same.

4.Speak Up. If your stylist isn’t offering a thorough consultation. Then speak up and ask more questions to clarify that what you want is the same thing as what she plans to do.

How do you make sure you get the haircut you want?

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3 thoughts on “Consultation & Communication

  1. meganjanicke says:

    Great tips! I’m one of those annoying people who says, “I don’t know. How do you think I should get it cut?” I just never know how to communicate what I want.

  2. 1abo says:

    After watching Tabatha on Bravo, I could not agree more that a consultation is the first step to a great outcome! good article!

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