Hair for the Spring

The stores are filled with mannequins draped in 2012 Spring Fashion, yet the majority are bald or headless. What about their hair?  What about my hair? Lets peak at 2012 hair trends. FIRST, I need to say this, runway trends can’t and shouldn’t be worn  by everyone. What they should do is inspire, use pieces and incorporate them in your own personal style. These, according to Harpers Bazaar are this spring’s 2012 hair trends.

Glistening Hair, it is suppose to mimic the sporty side, which to me looks like dirty hair. Ew.

Ponytail a Plenty, simple and pretty, a very easy can do.

Embellished Updos, not a fan, to much work, but that’s just me.

The Urban Wave, simple and natural, less time with the flat iron, likes.

Bigger Blowouts, ah I am a Texas Gal so bigger IS always better.

Sophisticated Braids & Twist, braids are a yes, as long as you don’t look like a child.

What do you think of these “trends?” Need some visuals, check a slide show here…

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