Puppy Love

Dog lovers are everywhere, especially here in Austin. I saw a huge dog ride shot gun in a man’s Mercedes Benz another man had two dogs riding shot guns in his Jeep. Dogs need love too, and there are many ways to love you dog.Awapoochi is a new line of dog shampoo offered by Paul Mitchell, “tested on humans” I love that. I was considering carrying it the salon. People do many things for the pups, but I wonder would they be willing to pay $13.00 for doggy shampoo, some people don’t even spend that much on shampoo for them. Although they should. Here’s a video of introducing Awapoochi, would you buy it for your loved puppy?


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One thought on “Puppy Love

  1. portiaz says:

    Just yesterday I saw a toy poodle riding shotgun in a Hummer. It was the funniest looking thing!

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