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Can perfume, nail color or makeup choices REALLY turn a man off??I came across an Allure article with  beauty mistakes that can turn a man off.  Some things listed a woman should definitely not be doing. But I wonder if it really makes a difference to a man.

Here is the list…

Fragrance Overload

Caked-on Foundation

Overdone Eyelashes

Dry Skin

Sloppy Shave

Yellow Tinged Teeth

Sticky Lip Gloss

Orangy Self Tanner

Stiff Hair

Smokey-Eye Overload

Bold Lipstick

Hair add ins

Neon/Dark/ Patterned nails

If a man met a woman with any of these “Turn-Offs” would he really be turned off? Is there things a guy can do grooming wise that will cause a woman to be turned off?


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One thought on “Turned on Mode:ON [OFF]

  1. Robin Bolner says:

    Funny how extreme fashion backfires. Entertaining read!

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