stylist dont like dirty hair!

Getting you hair colored? How do you prep your hair? Dirty shouldn’t be an answer!It is very common that women think having dirty hair is preferred when getting the hair done. Its not. A friend of mine who is a stylist had a client who was told not to wash her hair 3 days before getting a color service. Which is not a good idea. Color molecules need to penetrate into the hair shaft and with grease, dirt, and build up clogging the shaft, its more difficult for the molecules to penetrate. ┬áThe best way to prep your hair for a color service is having clean dry hair. Clean will aid the color from penetrating and dry will cut time having your stylist blow dry your hair. How do you prep your locks for a new color?

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2 thoughts on “stylist dont like dirty hair!

  1. 1emorgaine says:

    I have a problem with dirty hair anyway. I think I wash my too much, every day. But I have oily skin and my scalp gets too oily so the sulfate free and over conditioning is a daily thing for me.

    But for those that don’t need to wash their hair everyday, I think just the courtesy of a fresh shower, clean hair and scalp and a little deodorant before having a service done is just simple courtesy to your hair dresser.

    I don’t have foot disease, but I also don’t wear socks or stockings and I would never just try on shoes in bare feet, especially when the shoe salesperson is right there by them and trying to show me shoes. It just seems rude to the person giving your service. Dirty hands at a manicurist and spinach in the teeth or really horrible breath at the dentist just seems to say I don’t think well of my service providers and I don’t respect them.

  2. Very true, I brush my teeth 3 times before i visit the dentist, why not attempt to have clean head for your stylist. Paul Mitchell’s latest line Awapuhi Ginger has an awesome sulfate free shampoo and they also came out with a sulfate free two in one shampoo and conditioner Double Hitter, its targeted for men but is a great duo. Here is a link to the Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo, if you are interested.

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