Recycled Fashion: The 90’s

They say, everything comes back around and that statement is all the more true in fashion. Were you a fan of 90’s gear? Either way, its baaaaaack!  I remember when I was younger wearing bell bottom jeans. I was born in 1986, so I had the recycled version of bell bottoms not the original 70’s kind. As a kid I dressed in 90’s attire. There are childhood pictures where my thoughts are along the lines of,  “Mom!!?! Why would you dress me in that,” or “How come you let me go out the house in that?!?” Like all fashion good or bad it comes around in either its exact form or some recycled version of it. I have found memories of the 90’s but the fashion is questionable, just watch early episodes of 90210 or Saved by the Bell and you’ll see what I mean.

Men are not excused from the fashion reincarnation I came across this article/photo gallery of 90’s men wear that is now trending.

Here are some runway 90’s inspired looks. Would you rock them?

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