Nude Ovens

Seems like the current celeb trends is the baby bump. Jessica Simpson bares all for her Elle cover. Although I feel like we have seen this before…We have!! The nude pregnant shot has been in magazines from many stars originating with Demi Moore.  Many “real” women take pregnant shots but I wonder how many go all natural for their personal collection. I personally think this is a nice cover shot, it doesn’t look trashy like other past celebrity pregnant shots. Not a fan of her make up though you’d think it’d be softer and natural. Are you a fan of the nude prego cover shot trend? Here is a gallery of previous stars who bore it all while pregnant. Who do you think rocked the nude oven the  best?

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One thought on “Nude Ovens

  1. Jennifer Glick says:

    I recall how controversial the Demi Moore cover was over 20 years. At that point in time, heck even when I was pregnant in 1999, maternity fashions still reflected the common Western practice of keeping obvious signs of pregnancy away from the public eye. There was long a taboo about disguising such an obvious sign of female sexuality. I like to think these magazine covers reflect less paternalistic attitudes than have been common in the past.

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