Why do women show boobies for beads?!

In honor of FAT TUESDAY, I wondered about flashing, and where that started. Yesterday one of my professors told the class the story of his friend’s daughter. After a night of drinking she thought it would be amusing to flash some men walking down the street, she was in a car and as she flashed from the window she fell out and died. Sad. So where and why do women do this? After doing some internet research I have found these answers..


They are drunk (obvious), guys like it (duh), and for beads (really?). I was looking for a history of the flashing and the best answer I found is that flashing is something “spring breakers” have started to do, it is not a part of the tradition of Mardi Gras but has become a part of what happens. Honeslty, its not beautiful or classy.Women don’t flash your bobbies. Men don’t barter beads for boobies. Does anyone know the history or the generation that flashing arose?

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2 thoughts on “Boooooobies!

  1. 1emorgaine says:

    I have always avoided large crowds like SxSW, Spring Break, Mardi Gra and such. The last time I visited New Orleans was in 2000. It was off season in the winter and I just put my baggage in my room in the French Quarter at 10 pm and decided to walk to Bourbon Street. Yes, just as dumb. I walked in the dark to Bourbon Street. I am not much of a drinker so three drinks was way to much and I shared a taxi with a strange man to our different hotels at 4 am. Never did the unsafe one night stand and flash anything, but still, walking in the dark and sharing taxis is just as stupid. I can’t tell you why.

    I think really young girls who think nothing can happen to them and are totally living in worldly values do dumb stuff without really thinking about it. A friend from Union Pacific Railroad went through a bad divorce and at another manager’s going away party, several young and very liberated girls decided to console him by bashing his wife, flashing “boobies” and offering blow jobs in the excitement of sleeping with a manger who later gave them unwarranted promotions.

    Guys may give girls the feeling that the sex is what gets them the best attention. And this is my first season of The Bachelor and it is a no brainier that Ben has always had his attention on the model who skinny dipped and did the native dress without the bathing suite and knew exactly what to say to “win”. I think our society places a little more emphasis on the sex and liberal thought rather than class and morals. So perhaps all the boobie flashing is mostly just because it is widely accepted and if the majority don’t have issues, then it is not really wrong.

    I think putting into practice a little advice from the creator of the universe who knows so much more, the Alpha and the Omega and thinking in terms of being far more precious than rubies will make a much happier ending and open the doors for the Agape and Filio in addition to the Eros love.

  2. Well said. I am a part of The Austin Music Hall’s house staff and I work concerts. Last night i worked an electro show and the way these young girls go dressed is so sad. they are in their bras and panties. Last night it was coooold outside and these poor girls were extremely exposed in the cold. Its even worse watching them walk out the backstage area when the show is over, as pretty as they look used and disappointed.Things like that should not be widely accepted.

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