W.W.W. = Who Wore What?!?

Award season has begun and fashion always overshadows the awards. Check out who wore what at last nights Grammy’sI was pretty disappointed at this years fashion, more of “What was she thinking” and less “Wooooooow!!” I don’t quite know what it was, yes some were pretty or nice but nothing show stopping.  Here’s a gallery of some of what the stars were rocking at last night’s award show.


My two favorites were Rihanna and Gwyneth Paltrow. Who do you think shinned brightest?

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5 thoughts on “W.W.W. = Who Wore What?!?

  1. dwacc1 says:

    I missed the Grammy show. Thanks for the link to some of the fashions. I think Carrie Underwood looked very nice and classy.

  2. Rihanna’s ensemble is divine! I have to say, I’m glad she’s over the whole red hair stint.

    • I loved Red RiRi!!!! Red was huge this fall, I’m not a fan of her Grammy hair color though, t looks too undone. On a Red Carpet interview she said she helped design her dress, it is inspired by the leading lady in Scarface played by Michelle Pfeiffer

  3. Devorah says:

    I agree with dwacc1. Carrie Underwood always looks put together and I tend to like what she wears-generally speaking of course:)

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