Be Clean

Would you cook with dirty dishes? NO! Right? Then why do you apply make up with dirty brushes? I worked at a Lancome counter for 2 years and every night we had to wash our brushes with soap and between clients we had to spray brush cleaner. Imagine if we never cleaned it, gross right. Now when was the last time you cleaned your make up tools. I came across an interesting blog that details why makeup brushes should be cleaned.

I usually clean mine once a week, and use Dawn soap to remove everything, think about it they use Dawn to remove oil from birds, so makeup removal should be cake!

How often do you clean your brushes?

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4 thoughts on “Be Clean

  1. I hate to say I only clean mine once a month. And the compressed powder compact–is there a way to clean that without it falling apart? It’s so quick to clean them, that I’m going to start doing mine more often.

    • Usually when the compact powders come with a clear shield under the sponge pad, if it is kept inbetween the sponge and powder between uses,it there it should help with the uncleanliness and oils/dirt from the pad being absorbed into the powder. I use MAC Studio Fix and the pad has its own little home underneath the powder, which is handy. Changing out sponge pads regularly or using a powder brush to apply powder would be better alternatives to cleaning the actual pressed powder, to avoid ruining it.

      • Yes, I usually end up just carrying a brush with the compact, since the plastic sheet in mine inevitably falls out due to a poor design. I’ve never used MAC Studio Fix, so will look into it. Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. dwacc1 says:

    I’m a makeup minimalist. The main brush I use is in my mascara. I just bought a new tube of mascara today to avoid problems with bacteria building up in the mascara.

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